A Glorious Day in the Cook Home

I REALLY need to use this blog more often, so I thought I would share my devotion from this morning.

4/30/18 Revelation 21 “God is Moving In”

It is a BIG day in the Cook home today! Guess who is now a one year old? Aubrey! God knew exactly what we needed when he gave us Aubrey. We love that little girl so much, and can’t imagine life without her. It is humbling to think about how quickly the year has passed, and how many moments I’ll never get back. I really need to “be present” more often in my life. Birthdays can often bring clarity to the brevity of life.

The promises of the book of Revelation are pretty exciting. I really love this verse from 21:3:

“Look, Look! God has moved into the neighborhood, making his home with men and women!”

God is going to live with us for all eternity. He will take care of all our needs, and on top of that, he will…(21:4)

“…wipe every tear from their eyes”

That sounds like a baby shampoo commercial! Fortunately for us, God will take away all pain, heartache, emotional distress, or whatever has caused us pain in the past will be taken away. There will be nothing left but God’s peace, joy, and happiness for ALL eternity. It will be the greatest high that we could ever experience, and that feeling will do nothing but grow forever and ever. God, for what you’ve already done for me, I should be on my hands and knees thanking you at all times of the day. You’ve delivered me from death and destruction. You have freed me from bondage and slavery. I am truly a free man. You didn’t stop with my freedom though; you gave me a life that I could not have imagined. I have an amazing family, and you’ve given me an amazing ministry. Of course, it sounds like an infomercial, because you didn’t stop there. You’ve promised me an eternity that words cannot even properly describe. Thank you! Help me today to invite more people to this relationship with you. Help my words to be your words. Help my actions to be directed by you and your word. Help my thoughts and attitude to be something that furthers your gospel, and distances me from my fleshly desires. You know my heart is wicked, and wants nothing less than total control. I’m asking you right now to take control of my heart. Help me today to live a life that would be pleasing in your sight. I love you! Amen!